[Ansteorra] archery targets

Mike Andrews mikea at mikea.ath.cx
Mon Apr 2 08:25:09 PDT 2012

On Mon, Apr 02, 2012 at 10:19:34AM -0500, Dave W wrote:
> Hi all, was looking for suggestions for where to locate some of the old
> style archery targets.  The kind like the old Robin Hood movies, i.e. 5'
> around, burlap covered sort of thing.  I can build the A frame with wheels
> for moving them back each round.
> Getting ready for Squires, Cadets and Archarius and would like to set a nice
> field that has the archery front and center, and not relegated to the back
> 40.
> Any suggestions for sourcing, and/or info on what they go for these days
> would be appreciated.
> Alexis

Master Ulf, in Namron, located some a year or three back, which may even
have been made of the canonical twisted ropes of rye straw. I'm BCc:ing

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