[Ansteorra] Tourney of Squires, Cadets, and Arcarius on April 13-15th

CJ Steelquist orange76501 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 9 14:58:06 PDT 2012

AOL has contracted out their black list services and the person that they contracted continues to list Dreamhost (our
provider) as a spammer.  We have been working this issue for over a month now for this go around and for longer than my
tenure overall.  The only solution that we currently have is to suggest that you use a temporary gmail or yahoo account
until the matter is cleared up.  Not a good solution but the only one that we have as of this time.

William Cameron deBlakstan
Webminister, Ansteorra

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I keep getting removed from Ansteorra.org elists due to bounces? I hear other aol users are having the same issue. Can
someone look into this. 

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