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Mon Apr 9 19:10:16 PDT 2012

Their Excellencies [Elfsea] said:
Al Aeryn and her daughter, our ward Vivian, took care of providing a wonderful royal luncheon for the visiting Royal House of Ansteorra.

But in truth as with all things many hands make for light work. 
I offer them my thanks and a bit of well deserved word fame!
I could not have prepared and served lunch without the aid of many including:
     Cassandra de Salesberie and Vivienne nighean al Aeryn 
          - Who laid out many dishes and carried them to the table 
     M'lady Ciara and Lord Gavin the Younger 
          - Who carried many plates 
     Lord Andrewe Bawldwyn and Master Caelin on Andrede 
          - Who carried heavy jars back up hill to the kitchen 
     Baroness Ayls Durivau and Lady Matilda Merryweather 
          -Who graciously shared their onsite kitchen space and offered advice on the vegetables

Finally I wish to express my gratitude to Lady Elspeth de Stervlen and Countess Elizabeth Seale for advice and support and to Their Excellencies Alejandro Ramirez Mendoza and Mistress Amalia Zavattini for trusting me to see to the setting of their table.

In service I remain,
      Lady Ealasaid mac al'Bhaird
          commonly known as al AERYN

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