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Doug Copley doug.copley at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 19:35:28 PDT 2012

As the drums of war fade and we recover from our wounds, bruises, and 
assorted hurts, we start to think of things that went great and maybe 
things that did not go so great. We think, "Next year I'm gonna do that 
again!" or we think, "Next year I'm not gonna do that again", or I am 
going to get that other thing or fix that other thing!

This missive is about something that needs to be fixed!

The Ansteorran Towers stand by the gate and proclaim to the whole Known 
World that these lands are Ansteorran Lands and that in these lands 
reside Ansteorrans and that all those who enter these lands should keep 
that in mind.

These Towers were built tall and strong but have not had much care and 
maintenance over the last several years so they are having problems. 
Local critters were hard at work making a home in them. The top has 
sagged in the middle and holes have developed so that water pours in and 
soaks the interior. Wood has started to rot so that entire upper 
sections need to be replaced and the roof needs to be replaced.

We need to act and work together now to develop a plan and raise money 
in order to make sure that OUR Towers do not fall. There are a number of 
us that spoke at Gulf War this year and are willing to put in time and 
effort to work on it, some of us are willing to make a special trip to 
King's Arrow Ranch just to work on the Towers.

Because of the way they are built, I do not believe that we can build 
the sections and take them there and install them. It will be easier to 
go there and take all of the tools necessary for the work with us. Buy 
the things necessary in Hattiesburg. And tear down the rotten pieces and 
build the new ones on site and assemble it all right there. Electricity 
and water is very close by.

In order to get this done we will need to raise money to help pay for it 
and we will need to have people commit to going that have some skills in 
carpentry and basic working.

I do not have an estimate yet for this project but it will be more than 
just a couple hundred dollars. Once we get more of the design work done 
we will have a better estimate of what it will cost.

If you have abilities that will aid in designing how we rebuild them, or 
abilities to help in fund raising, or the ability to go there for a long 
weekend in order to get this work done, or want to be involved but not 
sure how you can, please email me directly so that we can get the plans 
rolling on this.


Vincenti da Murano, COA, RH
Apprentice to Master Finnacan

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