[Ansteorra] STORY TIME: The Ansteorran Royal Navy

Pukhta 'Pooky' Lovtsevich pookyloves at gmail.com
Sat Apr 7 22:11:50 PDT 2012

{Scripted by Admiral Robert Haddock}

SET THE SCENE: Admiral Haddock Captaining the H.M.S. Esmerelda
searches for Pooky who is lost at sea

HMS Esmerelda-at sea
Ship's Log
Officer of the Deck, first watch, twelth day out of port
We set sail, 12 days ago, Ld Adm Haddock aboard, sole mission; find
Commodore Pooky.
As usual, the Admiral has been on deck most of the night, barking
order to the lookouts. lookouts posted at night due to the full moon.
Admiral Haddock is as a man possessed. worrying about his friend.
He has promised double rum ration for a week, and 19 gold soverigns
to whoever spots Commodore Pooky.
The topmainmast watch has spotted a boat, adrift dead ahead, sent
word to Adm Haddock, as per his standing orders.
Topmainmast watch reports there is one soul aboard the boat.
Admiral on Deck! He read log entry and proceeds to the bow.

(aboard HMS Esmerelda, at sea, standing at the bowsprite)

Adm Haddock: "Watch, do ye see this boat yet?"

Watch: "Aye Admiral, it appears to be a ship's launch, the size of
the one that was washed over the side of the Iron Lotus the night Cmdr
Pooky went missing. One soul aboard, as reported."

Adm Haddock: "Topmainmast watch, any more to report?"

Topmainmast watch: "Aye Sir, the body in the boat is huge,
it COULD be Commodore Pooky."

Adm Haddock to bowsprite watch: Take my spyglass, lad, look closer."

Bowsprite watch: "Aye, Aye sir." as he looks, he focuses the glass,
and shouts,"ADMIRAL! IT IS POOKY! I see him clear as I can see

Haddock takes the glass back and looks for himself.

ADM Haddock: "Leftenant Bowman, note the names of BOTH watches
involved. They BOTH get a week of double rum, and each get 19 gold
"Leftenant, hold this course, and prepare a launch to retrieve his
lordship, show me as officer in charge of the launch.
Get the surgeon on deck, he will attend as well.
Muster side boys and the senior Bosun to pipe the Commodore aboard.
Look smart leftenant Bowman."

Haddock returns to the bow and looks again through his glass.
Unable to hold in his joy at finding his good friend, he shouts,
"POOKMEISTER! Show a sign as to your condition!" He turns and
barks, "Leftenant Bowman, more sail!"
The Admiral returns to the launch being prepared, to wait until the
ship is close enough to put them over the side.

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