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Tue Apr 24 10:06:08 PDT 2012

{Scripted by Admiral Robert Haddock}

SET THE SCENE: Admiral Haddock Captaining the H.M.S. Esmerelda
has found Pooky who was lost at sea

HMS ESmerelda-at sea
Ship's log
Officer of the Deck-first watch
leftenant Bowman, OOD
As the ship closed the distance between itself and the derelict
launch, Admiral Haddock called out the order to "Reef Sail", and
ordered the helmsman "Hard to PORT, Hard over, my man, make her
timbers groan!"
the ship was newarly dead in the water after that manoeuvre, so the
launch went over the side with the Admiral in command.
Upon reaching the derelict, the doctor went over and examined the
Commodore. He then conferred with the Admiral.
While the doctor covered lord Pooky in blankets and soaked them
with buckets of sea water, Admiral Haddock ordered two men into the
derelict to assist the doctor, and had the rest take them in tow, and
return to the Esmerelda, on the double quick.
As he approached the ship, the Admiral ordered a stretcher and to
have a stretcher-hoist rigged.
I immediately mustered the sideboys and boson.
Commodore Pooky was the first to board the Esmerelda.

Log entry: Commodore, Honorable Baron Pooky arrived aboard with proper pomp.

Next aboard was the doctor, tending his patient, followed by the
Admiral, who ordered his excellency taken to the Admiral's own cabin.
He then ordered his cook to stand by to assist the doctor as needed,
and to be on hand should the Commodore awake and need food.

This all taken care of, his next comment was in the calm voice of a
man relieved to find his friend alive.

"Leftenant Bowman, excellent job, by all hands. When you get both
launches aboard and secured, make your best
course and speed home."
"OH! please pass my appreciation and thanks to the whole crew.
when we return home, I will set up an evening in The Weeping
Unicorn Inn, for all hands, my treat!"

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