[Ansteorra] Thanks for the work done on the quest this last weekend

Paul Foster sir.rhodri at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 11:43:41 PDT 2012

>From Sir Rhodri ap Gwythyr,

I wish to express my thanks and extreme gratitude to those who made the
quest actually work this last weekend at Squires, Cadets, and Arcarius.  I
agreed to do this several months ago, before surgery was scheduled. Even
then I believed I could still show up and do it, not realizing exactly how
debilitated I was going to be.  I really wish I could have been there to do
the work and see it run, but it was not to be.

Francois la Flamme stepped up early on and helped with planning,
construction, setup, and then ran the quest at the event. Without him it
would not have happened.  At the event, Katherine da Feltre and Maggie
Hallenberg stepped in and helped run it all day long.  Thanks also to
Daniel O’Niallagain, a young man who did a great job supporting all three
of them in operating the quest.

Thanks to Ronald FitzRobert, Plachoya Sobaka, and Kenneth MacQuarrie for
donating items for use in the quest.

And of course to my lady, Kaitlyn McKenna, whose inspiration and assistance
encouraged me to complete much of the quest preparations while I still

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