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Oh wow. Okay, thank you for your thoroughness!

Derek Harris (via iPhone)

On Jul 5, 2012, at 11:24 PM, Tim McDaniel <tmcd at panix.com> wrote:

> On Thu, 5 Jul 2012, Salvador Ordoñez
> <salvadorthespaniard at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> A kingdom is allowed to make such a requirement [that paid
>>> membership in SCA Inc is required to receive an award].  Few do: I
>>> know Meridies does.  Ansteorra does not.
>> Why has Ansteorra decided that way?
> You beg the question: ask, rather, why Meridies decided that way. [1]
> In the earliest versions of the SCA's Corpora, "membership" was
> defined in various classes, and one of the grades of membership was,
> very roughly, "shows up at events and stuff".  Many grades required no
> payment.  Payment was required of those who wanted to get Tournaments
> Illuminated and other newsletters.
> Later, attitudes towards membership were still laid-back.  There were
> paid membership requirments for branches, but I interpreted it as more
> like choosing a criterion that was clear and definitive.
> The increasing emphasis on paid membership in SCA Inc. has been
> comparatively recent.  The Milpitas Meltdown of 1994 put us off
> "pay for play", unfortunately not for long enough.
> As for the future: personally, I think the contributions of service,
> arts and sciences, and martial prowess are far FAR more important than
> whether someone paid some money to a corporation headquartered 2000
> miles away, whose usefulness I question.
> Before you throw the standard bugbear of insurance back at me:
> check the budget figures under http://www.sca.org/officers/treasurer/
> .  My system (LibreOffice under Linux) cannot read the 2012 budget
> spreadsheet.  The 2011 figures are much like other recent years':
> $178,000 out of total expenditures of $1,325,000, or about 13% of the
> total.
> Danett Lincoln
> [1] I believe it was because, in the earliest days, Meridies was
> having trouble keeping its paid membership up to Corpora's minimum
> requirements for a kingdom.
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