[Ansteorra] Corpora vs kingdom law

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>  Yes. Kingdom law takes precedence.

> Corpora says that Kingdom law  can be more stringent than Corpora,
> but not  less.


B. Role of Corpora
...Kingdoms may follow custom or make law in areas where these policies are 
 silent, as long as they remain consistent with the general approach 
embodied  therein. They may also impose additional rules and requirements for  
branches, offices, and awards within their jurisdiction, but may not reduce or  
waive any specified requirement contained at a higher level in the 
Precedence of  Law.
(emphasis mine)
Kingdoms may add restrictions -- like Ansteorra's prohibition of Ridings  
and their higher-than-Corpora's-minima membership requirements. They may not  
reduce those minima; that WOULD be attempting to override Corpora.

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