[Ansteorra] Nom Noms for Tree Stumps - at Crown Tournament!

Gilyan Clonmacnoise gilyanclonmacnoise at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 07:30:41 PDT 2012

I'll be at Crown Tournament this weekend with a *freezer* full of
yummies and happy to trade for monetary donations towards the
demolition and removal of all tree stumps in Ansteorran land at Gulf

Cash is preferred, but I can accept credit cards also. Checks if you
really have to.

After speaking with the autocrat and looking at the weather forecast,
I'm going to have several different varieties of frozen treats instead
of baked goods. Requests are encouraged, but not guaranteed.

So far, I've raised $596.19. That's over half way to my goal for this
year! Two more events with similar success, and those stumps will be
outta here (there)!  :)

Hope to see many of you this weekend!

True words are not always pretty. Pretty words are not always true. -
Steve Kutie

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