[Ansteorra] Steppes Artisan is fast approaching

Emma Haldan emma.haldan at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 12 04:54:00 PDT 2012

Master Duncan Hepburn and Mistress Genevieve de Courtanvaux, Baron and Baroness of the Steppes, invite the artisans of Ansteorra to compete for the honor of being their Champion of Arts and Sciences on 28 July 2012. (Please see the steppes.org website for more details.)

Steppes Artisan is a body of work competition. Specialists as well as generalists are invited to enter, so there is no minimum number of different arts required to compete. The focus is on the progression of the Artisan, their research, and their improving skills as they practice and expand their art(s).
Artisan pre-registration is required this year, as we are setting up the hall Friday before the event. Tuesday, 24 July 2012 is the last day for Artisans to register, either as competitors or for a display table. Tables are 8 foot by 4 foot, and a few electrical outlets are available on a first come, first served basis. Please note: While brewers may enter the competition, the site is dry.
Lady Lyneya de Grey (Susan Johnson Hill McMahill) is in charge of pre-registration, please contact her at             972 896 1505       (no calls after 9 pm), sueorintx at hotmail.com
The site includes a lovely park with a play area for children. A larger play area for fighters and rapier will also be set up for those who wish to practice those arts and sciences.
Please join us on the 2012 Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/241551009264284/

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