[Ansteorra] Tree Stumps at Gulf Wars

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This is amazing news.  Thank you for the update.  The cold treats were fabulous. It was nice to be able to sit in the shade and patiently wait for the coolness to come around.  Many thanks to all who made that happen.

I look forward to seeing the improvement tree stump removal will make to Ansteorran camping at war.  The prospects for this year's Gulf War just keep getting better.  It is going to be another wonderful war.


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Greetings Ansteorra!

With great thanks to everyone who partook of the frozen nom noms, I am pleased to announce that $402.37 was raised at Crown Tournament for the Nom Noms for Tree Stumps project! To date, $998.56 has been raised.

Special thanks to m'ladies Danielle, Niki, and Asha who braved the walk-in freezer and walked around the site with ice cream and cookies since I was, ummm..., preoccupied.  :)

Plans have changed and I will be at Round Table this weekend with the donation bucket and the small amount of (somewhat melted) cookies that are left from Crown Tournament. I suspect I will be busy, so will plan on putting the bucket and cookies on a table in the common area and will certainly pass it around during the general meeting.

I will begin contacting the SCA site liaison to Gulf Wars in the next few weeks to coordinate the next phase of the project - destruction of the tree stumps!

With joy in your generosity and anticipating destruction, Princess Gilyan

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