[Ansteorra] Same-Gender Consort Proposal

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I realize there are many more people here who know much more about pre 1600 history than I do so please do not take offense when I ask this. In what Kingdom in history did the crown rotate every six months where the King was determined in a tournament? Usually I am relatively indifferent to how the Kings are determined and by what means but it seems to exclude people and say we are being historically accurate by playing the game the way we do seems to a little strange.

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What are the baby steps we should take. Seems like a black and white issue: do we allow same sex crowns or not? I don't know if being historically accurate make us seem bigoted, or I'd being open-minded takes away from the point of the game.

That said, allowing each kingdom to make their own call on this is wise. I just think whatever call is made should be made in the favor of being more inclusive if we can not totally break the feeling of the game.

Herr Detlef, I think you're wording is the best so far.

Salvador Ordoñez

Derek Harris (via iPhone)

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