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This response may not be a period quote but I believe it still applies that we are warned about the "Tyranny of the majority."

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>I notice that this is now appears to be a foregone conclusion, despite the fact that the one time we were made aware of the will of the populace, the majority did *not* want this change.  So this change will be forced on us even though we don't want it?  Why is that?  Who made this decision and what was the justification?  Shouldn't that be disclosed before we begin discussing changes to Corpora?
>If the majority of the populace does not want this change, why are we making it?  If the majority does not want this change, why are we even discussing the language that would be used to implement it? Implementation language is only needed if a change is to be made. Again, who is dictating this change, and under what justification?
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