[Ansteorra] Same-Gender Consort Proposal

Chris Zakes dontivar at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 04:30:14 PDT 2012

At 12:45 AM 7/18/2012, you wrote:

>I realize there are many more people here who know much more about 
>pre 1600 history than I do so please do not take offense when I ask 
>this. In what Kingdom in history did the crown rotate every six 
>months where the King was determined in a tournament? Usually I am 
>relatively indifferent to how the Kings are determined and by what 
>means but it seems to exclude people and say we are being 
>historically accurate by playing the game the way we do seems to a 
>little strange.

None, of course. Some of the things the SCA does are historically 
quite accurate. Some are not accurate, but have a medievaloid flavor. 
And some are done to make the overall game play better.

Changing Crowns every few months is in that latter category. Sitting 
the throne can be a *very* expensive proposition (several thousand 
dollars per reign, I've been told) and since in the SCA, the Crown 
*doesn't* get any tax money, very few people could afford to be Crown 
as a full-time thing. And if we had crowns-for-life, then all the 
spectacle of Crown Tourney, Coronations, King's and Queen's Champions 
would hardly ever happen.

         -Tivar Moondragon 

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