[Ansteorra] Same-Gender Consort Proposal

Rose rose_welch at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 18 10:39:58 PDT 2012

Count Lochlan said: "Use of the terms "Same Sex" & "Opposite Sex" are at the moment inflammatory / controversial / immoral / etc.. to certain groups, so why use it? I believe we should remove words to clarify, not add. Simplicity is key."

I certainly agree. Removing the 'four words' is my preferred course of action.

Count Lochlan said: "If we are entertaining the far less likely and less documentable "Same Sex" rulers..."

Your documentation is tiny compared to all the rest that I've seen! I'd be happy to send you some links to more comprehensive documentation, if you're interested in the topic. Regardless, I don't personally feel that historical accuracy is the point of this proposal. It's merely the first kneejerk argument thrown, which then leads folks on an endless round of 'moving the goalposts'. :P

Count Lochlan said: "...why not allow for the far more common and certainly documentable individual ruler?"

Because once you get past that round of 'moving the goalposts', you reach the more relevant point of the actual job. As you know, it's a tough job. I certainly agree that some folks could do it alone (and it's happened before) but I don't believe that it's a good standard. It's better to have members, it's better that they be adults, and it's better to have two of them, imho. Of course, that's still a little off-topic, and if we moved to a one-person-required/-two-allowed model, I would be fine with that. :)


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