[Ansteorra] Same-Gender Consort Proposal

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This reminds me of a very funny comment I saw the other day. It said:

"My armour is plastic. My sword is rattan. My shield is edged in nylon cord and rubber hose. My helmet is lined with blue foam. My boots have laces, rubber soles, and machine-stitching. I fight in rigid plates and a bascinet, but play a 10th century Norseman. Between rounds I rehydrate with pretzels, oranges and Gatorade. But I can't enter the lists inspired by another man, because that would be a departure from period.

Wait, what?"

-Rose de la Rose
(Just as obnoxious, twice as heraldically correct.)


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>I realize there are many more people here who know much more about pre 1600 history than I do so please do not take offense when I ask this. In what Kingdom in history did the crown rotate every six months where the King was determined in a tournament? Usually I am relatively indifferent to how the Kings are determined and by what means but it seems to exclude people and say we are being historically accurate by playing the game the way we do seems to a little strange.

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