[Ansteorra] Same-Gender Consort Proposal

David Brown lddevin03 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 18 14:47:28 PDT 2012

And besides, like Herr Detlef said, if we have a King/King reign then the Order of the Rose can be the inspiration for the Rapier community.
And as a gay man, I have no problem with opposite sex couples on the throne and would have no problem with same sex couples on the throne...as long as they rule fairly, both opposite and same sex,  all is good.

HL Devin

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"The point is, these are ALL silly excuses for discrimination. Each time one is overcome, someone pops up to throw another ridiculous argument in the way. Any two people who are capable of Giving Good Court and serving in an office that is one of our most challenging and time consuming unpaid positions should be eligible to serve. I have lived through six months of crappy rule by a crowned couple that 
had no business taking that job. We ALL have (though of course, everyone
has their own, different opinion about who the skunks were). Frankly, 
I'd take a pair of mountain gorillas as Crown if they could do the job 
well. We all manage to live through the occasional reign of people whose
policies or persons we dislike. Get over it. Six months and there will 
be someone new to gripe about. Same sex couples as Crown won't be any different."

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