[Ansteorra] Same-Gender Consort Proposal

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Considering the other things we do that are not historically accurate it would seem allowing people to fight for crown would be a good thing. We may play a game based on pre 1600 but our minds should not be stuck there as well.

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As has already been amply stated, perishingly few historical monarchs, paired or not, won their thrones in a tournament with wooden weapons, nor planned to step down in favor of heir(s) chosen the same way in six short months.

Arguments based on historical accuracy in either direction are, as also been amply stated, pointless.

Arguments based on fairness, or how it would affect the populace as a whole, or how it would affect the Society's standing among the mundanes (sorry, moderns) with whom we must interact, are a lot more pertinent.



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We've proven time and time again that the historical examples of same sex rulers 
were father and son or a pair of brothers. Each with their own Queens/Empresses 
and respective royal families. 

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