[Ansteorra] Same-Gender Consort Proposal

Salvador Ordoñez salvadorthespaniard at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 16:39:48 PDT 2012

So, if I have what you're saying correct, if someone could show you how historically accurate same-sex rulers is, you would be willing to accept that and support this passing?

Salvador Ordoñez
MKA Derek Harris

On Jul 18, 2012, at 6:33 PM, Miles Grey wrote:

> On 7/18/2012 12:42 PM, Rose wrote:
>> This reminds me of a very funny comment I saw the other day. It said:
>> "My armour is plastic. My sword is rattan. My shield is edged in nylon cord and rubber hose. My helmet is lined with blue foam. My boots have laces, rubber soles, and machine-stitching. I fight in rigid plates and a bascinet, but play a 10th century Norseman. Between rounds I rehydrate with pretzels, oranges and Gatorade. But I can't enter the lists inspired by another man, because that would be a departure from period.
> Save for the rattan sword, everything else is his own fault.  You could be using proper quilted cotton and linen padding, using metal armor and a wooden shield, and rehydrating with barley water, and we would all appreciate your devotion to accuracy.
> So what's your point?
> Our goal is to be as period as possible for modern people who aren't actually medieval nobility with constant income from our lands . . .
> Oh, wait.  You know that.  You're trivializing an important issue in order to mock those who disagree with you, NOT making a valid point. Sorry, I didn't catch that at first.
> As I said last time this issue was discussed, there are plenty of people out here who aren't willing to speak out against the issue because they know people will ridicule them, rather than respect their opinions. There are a number of people who will leave the SCA if this passes because, eventually, they just get tired of each mundane-world cause du jour encroaching on the recreation on which they spend a lot of money, time, and talent precisely to get away from modern concerns, if just for a little while.
> Every group like the SCA needs a certain critical mass of participants.  Maybe we who disagree on this don't belong in the SCA.  That's the impression I get when my perfectly valid opinions are mocked and ridiculed.  Keep driving away people who want to play and, eventually, you'll reach the point where there just aren't enough to sustain the SCA.
> People have choices on what to do with their time and money.  When you ridicule their opinions, they keep quiet and just go away because what you're doing is telling them they don't belong and you don't like their kind.  Keep it up.  Some other volunteer group will appreciate it.
>  Miles Grey
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