[Ansteorra] Round table, what to expect

Salvador Ordoñez salvadorthespaniard at gmail.com
Thu Jul 19 13:16:29 PDT 2012

Miles is a traditional kind of guy, with views that some may consider
outdated, but he is entitled to them same as those of you who are supporting
same sex crown. The point I think that every one might be missing is that
this is our dream...not yours, not mine, OURS. All of us together and for it
to work there has to be give and take. There is something I learned a long
time ago while trying to find my vision of the "the dream" that is the SCA.
This weekend we might play things your way and we are all 10th century
people in England reeling at the effects of the battle of Hastings. Next
weekend we are playing this other person's way being 14th century folk in
France marveling at the printed word and worried over the war between France
and England. The weekend after next we will do things my way and be in
Scotland rallying for a skirmish over cattle thieves. Basically one day it
is your dream the next it is mine the point being that we share our dreams
with each other and revel in the sharing together. One crown Miles and
others like him will get their ideal King and Queen and their SCA dream may
be achieved. Another time those who support same sex crowns will get their
King and King or Queen and Queen. The two or three views do not have to be
the only way all of them can exists.

Share and Share alike.


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