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Thu Jul 19 04:29:31 PDT 2012

At 05:10 PM 7/18/2012, you wrote:
>Baron Bor's wrote:
>You beat me to the same idea that I had - Historical precedence trumps
>political politeness in a historical recreation society.  Single monarchs
>could become all the rage.  The rapier community would have to adjust if no
>female consort and the chivalric community would have to do the same if a
>woman sat the throne such as Duchess Rowan once did.  It would only be for
>six months and everyone would survive.
>Baron Bors of Lothiam
>Baron Loch Soiller
>Malleus et Deus
>---------------------------Your Excellency,
>I believe the Queen's Champion for Queen Rowan was a Chivalric 
>Champion and during that reign, King Hector's King's Champion was a 
>Rapier Champion.
>Although it was before I found The Dream, I believe I am 
>correct.  This would seem to set the precedence, in Ansteorra at 
>least, that who ever wins by right of arms, no matter the gender, 
>would have a champion from the Chivalric field.
>William  (Hopeing my memory has not failed me)

I'm afraid your memory *has* failed you. When Rowan was Queen in her 
own right, she had a Queen's Champion, chosen by rapier combat in the 
usual way. The following day we also had a King's Rapier Champion 
list for Hector.

Bear in mind that this was several years before we started the 
tradition of having the King's Champion list on the morning of 
Coronation. The list of Queen's Champions on the Ansteorran heraldic 
website says Galen Nicolli was Rowan's Queen's Champion
  http://herald.ansteorra.org/OP/op-awards.php?submit=List&id=18  and 
that Hector-as-consort had *two* champions: Thorland O'Shea for 
rapier and Patrick Michael Gordonne for armored. 
http://herald.ansteorra.org/OP/op-awards.php?submit=List&id=12  It's 
possible that the list is incorrect and Pat was actually the 
Sovereign's Champion (i.e. Rowan's) not the King's Champion; I don't 
remember at this point.

         -Tivar Moondragon

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