[Ansteorra] Same-Gender Consort Proposal

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It's worse than that.  You are correct that if a Crown rejects a same-sex
couple for any reason they are going to catch crap for it, but if they
accept a same-sex couple there is a good chance that they are going to
catch crap for that from a different group of people.


On Thu, Jul 19, 2012 at 7:31 AM, Hugh & Belinda Niewoehner <
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> On 7/18/2012 3:46 PM, Patrick R wrote:
>> If they reject a same sex group for reasons other
>>   than their sexual preference it would still appear to be that they are
>> rejecting them because they are homophobic. I have no clue if currently
>> those rejected to compete the names are available to the people of the
>> Kingdom but fear it would become a well know fact if a same sex group is
>> rejected for any reason. Just my two cents and hope I did not offend anyone.
> Thank you for pointing this out.  The BoD is putting the Crown in a
> position to be harassed and labeled if they reject a same sex couple for
> any of the reasons that have been cited--historical accuracy, the desire
> for a woman to inspire, or gender equality, etc.  Just because you don't
> agree with their reasons, they are still entitled to their opinions and
> decisions without fear of retaliation of any kind.  Maybe the Crown just
> finds the individuals not good candidates.  Don't say no one would attack
> them, because this list proves that it probably would happen.  This should
> be the BoD's decision and they are passing the buck.  As Lord Miles Grey
> pointed out, the majority of the populace is not wanting this.  If Finland
> (someone of some list suggested that reason) or another country's laws is
> the reason, then there is still no need for us to change, as Corpora and
> other legal precedent state, Modern Government Law trumps SCA law.  This
> means that within the jurisdiction of Finland, their law supersedes. The
> rest of the SCA should not have to change anything.
> Another point for those who like to persona play:  Check out the Viking
> Answer Lady's site regarding this issue:
> http://www.vikinganswerlady.**com/gayvik.shtml<http://www.vikinganswerlady.com/gayvik.shtml>
> If even the average person in the Viking ages was forced into a
> heterosexual marriage or face the consequences, how much more so would
> royalty?  Our personas would have to sit out a reign of a fudflogi or a
> flannfluga, so I guess that /would /influence our game/.
> /I know none of this will change opinions.  I thought this issue was over
> and the BoD had published the results of the survey.  It seems that the
> will of the populace isn't as important as they would like us to think.
>  I'd encourage everyone to express their opinions to the BoD /again/ and
> hope they are listening.
> Ismet, a traditionalist who is tired of Modern and SCA politics
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