[Ansteorra] Same-Gender Consort Proposal

Ld.blackmoon ld.blackmoon at cox.net
Thu Jul 19 09:58:35 PDT 2012


uumm been trying to stay out of this one , but thought I should correct a 
mistake that keeps popping up.....

>>>This should be the BoD's decision and they are passing the buck.  As Lord 
>>>Miles Grey pointed out, the majority of the populace is not wanting this. 

it was not a majority of the populace,
the majority of the populace never " bothered " to take the time to fill out 
the census in the 1st place .
but since this issue could wind up becoming another expensive legal battle 
in the united states, it looks like the bod is trying to get a larger 
portion of the populaces opinion before it commits to anything one way or 
another. ( on several issues )
as a form of corporate c m a , so that they can say we just did what the 
populace wanted us to do , when / if  they again have to go collecting large 
sums of money from all the kingdoms / groups to pay another set of legal 
fees and court ordered settlements ...

now an odd question , to date , just how many people have been found " 
undesirable " and rejected for competition in crown tourney for any reason 
is there this whole set of ansteorrans that one or more kings have found to 
be undesirable, unworthy , evil , psychotic ,too broke,  etc .  ??
if so were the undesirables chosen due to financial, personal, sexual , or 
business reasons ??
or was the populace left to guess as has been proposed will happen in the 
case of same sex consorts ??

although I am not a fighter , and what happens in the fighter community is 
not my top area of interest , I have never heard of anyone being found 
undesirable enough to be refused access to crown tourney.
is this because no one has been refused ? or is it because refusals are 
handled on a personal basis, and not a public basis ??
if private basis, why would it suddenly become a public basis as soon as a 
same sex consort applied ??

sorry , it's kind a like lays , I can't eat just one : /

Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .

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