[Ansteorra] Same-Gender Consort Proposal

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I didn't say it was because of current legal action, I said it could wind up 
as a legal action.
this issue isn't going to go away any time soon, and several states seem to 
like legal action over other methods of creating change : /

but this is just my opinion, and the choices will be made by the bod , not 
by me.
all i can do is send in my opinion ( which i already did ; )
as has been pointed out earlier, this is a place to discuss and vent , it is 
not going to change anything, only sending your opinion to the bod " may " 
change anything.

Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .

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>> ...
>> but since this issue could wind up becoming another expensive legal 
>> battle
>> in the united states, it looks like the bod is trying to get a larger
>> portion of the populaces opinion before it commits to anything one way or
>> another. ( on several issues )
>> as a form of corporate c m a , so that they can say we just did what the
>> populace wanted us to do , when / if  they again have to go collecting
>> large sums of money from all the kingdoms / groups to pay another set of
>> legal fees and court ordered settlements ...
> I seriously doubt that if this was prompted by a legal issue they would
> poll the populace for a majority opinion as a CYA. Instead, they would 
> take
> steps to follow the law without resorting to a poll. No "we just did what
> the populace wanted" claim would ever cover anything illegal. We had/have
> legal counsel to help the Board make exactly those sorts of calls.
> now an odd question , to date , just how many people have been found "
>> undesirable " and rejected for competition in crown tourney for any 
>> reason
>> ??
>> is there this whole set of ansteorrans that one or more kings have found
>> to be undesirable, unworthy , evil , psychotic ,too broke,  etc .  ??
>> if so were the undesirables chosen due to financial, personal, sexual , 
>> or
>> business reasons ??
>> or was the populace left to guess as has been proposed will happen in the
>> case of same sex consorts ??
> That information is never made public, so only past crowns and/or their
> advisors could answer the question, and they won't for confidentiality
> reasons.
> Remember all, that the poll is to collect feedback on the proposed change
> in wording, not whether or not to implement the wording. First it has to 
> be
> worked out what to say, and THEN decided whether it will go in at all.
> Aethelyan Moondragon
> Bryn Gwlad
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