[Ansteorra] Same-Gender Consort Proposal

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So here's some interesting Inter-Kingdom Anthropology on the topic, which may be something to consider while drafting your letter to the BoD. :)

In Ansteorra, we restrict the field to the Chiv and those whom they have sponsored, and we restrict their consorts to those whom have a good working knowledge of our system of governance. This makes sense to me, and I'm fine with it. However, in most Kingdoms, the field is not restricted in that way. In most Kingdoms, it's considered a matter of honor to enter, even if you have no chance of winning or would be unable to reign. They have Crown lists with over a hundred entrants as a matter of course, and their processionals take quite a bit longer than ours. In our fair Kingdom, not fighting in Crown is not a huge deal, because not that many folks do so, anyway. In those Kingdoms, the opposite is true. Being presented to the Crown and fighting a round or two is a VERY big deal. (And when I say our field is restricted, you can almost hear the gasps of shock through the computer screen, lol.)

Also, I agree that this wording is pretty terrible, and unfairly thrusts what should be the BoD's burden onto the Crown. We already ask them to do so much, and to endure so much scrutiny. This undue burden is simply unnecessary.

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>Once upon a time, long ago, I was refused to be Gunnora's consort in Crown Tourney...because we are the same gender.  Its not that I'm unworthy or was then even.  According to the laws in force at that time, I was not allowed to be Gunnora's consort.   Now if had been your consort, Arthur, or Eule's (who Gunnora ended up fighting for at that time) or Sir Kief's or Master Daniel or Sir Pendaren, etc., it would have been allowed.  But as my beloved has already said here,  "I" am "her" inspiration as she is also mine.  Why should Gunnora and I have to pretend something that is not the truth?  Its not like she wouldn't have been eliminated in the first round anyway.
>So yeah, I guess I can say, I was found to be undesirable.
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