[Ansteorra] Stop Eating; I'm Full!

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Thu Jul 19 21:40:18 PDT 2012


wait !!!!
we can't attack calontir, we just signed a treaty !!
besides , they have peer level archers , leading lots , and lots of  other 
archers !!
and besides that our canton would be the 1st group in their path of 
retaliation should they hear of this talk ...... bad juju all around ...the 
spirits would not be pleased  : (

however if good brewers and vintners are what you seek , then you need only 
look within our very own borders , as I have tasted some outstanding liquids 
from all parts of this great kingdom , why I say , do you not instead go on 
a quest to every group within ansteorra, and sample their fine liquids 
before speaking of attacking our companions in battle??
in that way perhaps you could then report to their majesties on just which 
group might be convinced to pay their taxes or a portion there of in liquid 
gold ; )

Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .
Arth ........uummm     " the northern oracle "

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> William,
> That was my email. Let me know if you plans of going north. I hear they 
> made good mead in Calontir.
> Salvador
> Derek Harris (via iPhone)

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