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The Journal of Sport History, Vol 17, No. 2 (Summer of 1990) list a goodly
number of German Tournament Societies.  It also discusses some tournament
regulations and is very interesting reading....


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>> Interestingly, I once attended a Calontiri Coronation where the
>> first part of the day was a funeral and mourning of the outgoing
>> Crown.
> ...
>> Of course, the former King was later miraculously resurrected.
> Yeah, that last sentence is the major problem I have with the notion.
> I have more problems with assassination successions.  They want us to
> believe that they have murdered their predecessors and usurped their
> places, and I'm supposed to declare loyalty to them?
> BTW, I have remembered a bit about another period case.  I once read,
> probably on rec.org.sca, that there were medieval German tourneying
> societies that had replaceable kings.  Unfortunately, I know nothing
> more than that, and since I don't know a source, in a sense I don't
> even *know* that.  If anyone ever gets any more information, I'd love
> to see it.
> Danihel Lindecolina
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