[Ansteorra] Tournament Societies was Questions about crowns

Miles Grey Kahn at West-Point.org
Fri Jul 20 11:12:44 PDT 2012

Consider also the English precedent that led to the Magna Carta.  No, 
they weren't choosing a ruler.  But the "northern barons" met, 
discussed, and agreed.  Had a sufficient number of them not agreed, they 
would not have . . . politely approached the king with their small request.

   Miles Grey

On 7/20/2012 11:25 AM, Richard Culver wrote:

> The continental Saxon were ruled by aldermen until such time that war
> broke out. Then they would elect a king from amongst those with
> appropriate lines who would then retire at the end of conflict. This
> system continued throughout the height of the Holy Roman Empire, with
> Emperors having be separately approved by the Saxon law in addition to
> other imperial electors.
> So voting was well known. Anglo-Saxon witans also had moments where
> their vote on a matter of succession was more important than battle
> skill, beyond the 1066 fiasco, the East Anglian witan pulling, I
> believe, St. Anna (a make name there) out of a monastery to be crown.

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