[Ansteorra] Questions about crowns and crown tournaments

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In all things, if we cant ultimately leave the conversation with respect, and hopefully friendship, then the effort was a failure.

Derek Harris (via iPhone)

On Jul 20, 2012, at 1:38 PM, Andreas von Meißen <scamiz at gmail.com> wrote:

> Though I do not share his feelings about the root issue, I am forced to
> agree with Miles on this point. I have no doubt that many people are
> keeping their feelings silent on this and many other topics for fear of the
> massive social repercussions that expressing those opinions would cause.
> I know I have many opinions which I keep to myself because to express them
> would be tantamount to sociopolitical suicide. Until someone
> can guarantee me that no-one will hold those opinions against me, I will
> continue to keep them to myself. Even then, knowing human nature, I'd still
> be inclined to keep quiet.
> If that is what we are going for, great. If not, then perhaps we should
> rethink our reactions to dissenting attitudes.
> -- Andreas
> I was made very aware of this in a private exchange, where I was informed
>> that, because of my opinion on this issue, I should probably just leave the
>> SCA.  You will never hear from many, perhaps most, opposing views on this
>> issue for exactly that reason.  Why would anyone express an opinion here,
>> when to express that opinion can lead to disapprobation?  I've expressed
>> mine, and there are peers who have expressed a strongly opposing view.
>> What if I were seeking elevation to the Peerage?  Do you really expect me
>> to believe that my views on this would not be held against me?  Or that
>> voicing those opinions would not lead me to be excluded in other ways?
>> Even if the atmosphere had not already been somewhat hostile, how many
>> people do you really think are willing to take that chance?
>>  Miles Grey
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