[Ansteorra] Questions about crowns and crown tournaments

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Fri Jul 20 13:50:04 PDT 2012

The harms that you outline are equal to the opposing side. That is to say, it's at least equally as harmful for Mistress Gunnvor to be denied entry to the list as it would be for a Don to have to see her process in, and that we're just as likely to lose people by treating them as less-than than we are by treating them the equals that they are.

I can't imagine whom told you to leave the SCA privately, but imagine that you'd been told you were less-than publicly, over and over again, in person and in the official rules. I mean, if you (the colloquial you, not you personally) keep telling me that I'm not worthy to walk in your procession with a Lady on my arm, then I'm going to wonder what exactly I'm worthy of. Holding office? Sure. Spending my time and money? Sure. Competing for Crown? No way! Not with a Lady beside you. I'm sure that everyone can understand how disheartening this feels to us.

I don't understand your idea that change should cause no harm. Change always harms someone - at the very least because people don't like change - but that's no reason to stagnate. To quote the lady whom coined our name: "Change is often desirable, frequently necessary, and always inevitable, so we can only consider which changes are best for our world, and at what rate they should come."

As for the rest, if I were seeking an elevation to the Peerage, I would want it to be because they truly felt that *I* was their peer, and not some sham version of myself, carefully contrived to appear to be someone with PLQs. And you *will* be excluded, as will I; at the very least, from any IE get-togethers, but I'm sure you won't see that as a loss, any more than I would see exclusion from a 'no change' rally as a loss. Otherwise, you are still my friend and neighbor, Miles.

~Rose de la Rose

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