[Ansteorra] Vikings and Same-Sex Consorts

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Sorry, despite how well versed you are and academic background you
have, I am calling BS on this. Old One-Eye wasn't noted, He was accused
in Lokasenna of in particularly being "ergo" which it and its cognates
denote weakness in general and in regards to men especially as being
effeminate, passive, unmanly, etc. It was an accusation of a
nontraditional state of being for a man.

To be accused of it in the sagas you well know often led to blood
feuds. It shows up in accusations often as a sidebar in reasons to
depose rulers.


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Ismet said:
> Another point for those who like to
> persona play:  Check out the Viking
> Answer Lady's site regarding this
> issue:
> http://www.vikinganswerlady.com/gayvik.shtml

(1) I *am* the Viking Answer Lady.

(2) You have missed the entire point of my article. When one notes
that even the Allfather is blatantly described as practicing queer
behavior, it becomes apparent that such behavior was pretty common,
and that in pagan times before Christian men with the Christian
technology of writing came along, there may have been very different
understandings than after the Conversion when the sagas and poems were
recorded in the Christian technology of writing with ink on parchment.


Lion, Laurel
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