[Ansteorra] Arbitrarily Calling for an End to a Discussion You Dislike

Rose rose_welch at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 20 15:35:13 PDT 2012

I didn't see HL Devin scream, either, which is why I assumed that she wasn't referencing his e-mails. :)

It's probably good for everyone to remember that when any of us talk about the worst excesses, we're not always talking about everyone who happens to be in the same camp. I know that I have personally seen responses that were well-reasoned and thoughtful and ones that were absolutely hateful and vitriolic. (The latter not generally on this list, because it's apparently more noble to verbally abuse a lady in private? But I digress...) When I call out the latter, I am not referencing the former. Similarly, it's a good idea for me to specify that I'm not referencing the former when I speak of the latter, lest the thoughtfully disagreeing folks feel an unintended slight.

Most importantly, we should all remember to read everything with a smile and a grain of toneless salt, as it is too, too easy to incorporate an unintended tone into an e-mail or letter.


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>I never screamed.
>HL Devin

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