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I am politely and respectfully asking that you please respect our right to discuss this issue. Two people have offered to show you how to filter this topic from your e-mail, so if you're done reading this 'nonsense', then you certainly have the option to do so without disturbing our discussion. Further, the Kingdom Webminister has already requested that people stop requesting that we not discuss this issue. Last, but certainly not least, I am also politely and 
respectfully asking that you apologize for declaring that our discussion - which is obviously important to many of us - is nonsense. That seems like an unnecessary jab on top of an already sensitive issue. Thank you.


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>I am politely and respectfully asking that we PLEASE cease this nonsense.  And it is just that.  Nonsense.  I have remained silent on this for so long and also agree with those who have stated that this thread should end.  If you feel that you need to continue, please out of respect for everyone else on this list, do so privately in private e-mails.  Goodness, some of you I am ashamed to say are acting juvenile in some ways.  We should remember why we are here and a part of the SCA which I consider to be a family.  It is reaching the point of absurdity to come home after working all day to a mailbox full of this.  Please stop?  If you must submit your comments on it, please do so to the email which was provided to us when the email was sent out letting it be known that this was being considered.
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