[Ansteorra] Royalty - Same Sex Consorts‏

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Ok.  Ignore my last question then.  I hadn't gotten to this message when I wrote 
my other email.
thank you for this information.  I did remember the Iron Rose.  And I did 
remember that Hector was King Consort.  I just didn't realize that Queens 
Champion was fought for Rowan.  I didn't know how that had gone actually.  So 
this answers my question then.
Thank you *very* much for explaining it before I had even asked the question.

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We called Rowan Queen by Right of Arms and Hector was the King Consort. 

But Simone brings up a very good point.  Doing this would change the very fabric 
of the SCA (Game).  The original SCA was heavily based on the Arthurian concepts 
of Chivalry, A noble King and a beautiful Queen.  While over the decades (and 
yes there are still a few of us who have played almost all that time) we have 
expanded and improved our historical accuracy, we a still basically what was 
created in the late 60's.  I fear that to allow controversial mundane issues 
(however well intended) to effect changes in the SCA is not good.


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