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On Sat, 21 Jul 2012, Sir Burke <sirburke at cox.net> wrote:
> Otherwise Corpora allows Kingdoms to set the powers of each (up to
> co-rulers) locally.

To some extent.  Corpora defines

Crown: The Sovereign and Consort of a kingdom, acting together.

and says that many things may be done by the Crown, not by the
sovereign.  For example:

* the hierarchy of law includes "Decision of the Crown (within the
   kingdom and for the duration of the current reign)", just below
   kingdom law and just above principality law.

* Group establishment, elevation, and border adjustments generally
   require the approval of "the Crown".

* The baron and baroness are defined as "the ceremonial
   representative(s) of the Crown"

* "The Crown or the Coronet may make and amend such laws of their
   realm as they deem necessary"

* "The Crown may present Awards of Arms, the titles of Court Baron and
   Court Baroness, and Grants of Arms in accordance with the laws and
   customs of the kingdom."

* "The Crown may elevate subjects to the Peerage ... and in accordance
   with the laws and customs of the kingdom."

* "The Crown may appoint, remove, and replace Great Officers of State,
   in conjunction with the appropriate Society Officers, if any."

* "The Crown may suspend any officer of the kingdom for just cause,
   stated in writing to the affected person, for the duration of the

Though you notice that "in accordance with the laws and customs of the
kingdoms" is in there, and that's the basis of all the non-enumerated

Nevertheless, in general, the Queen is not just chopped liver.

Danyell de Lincoln
Tim McDaniel, tmcd at panix.com

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