[Ansteorra] Reasons why someone is not allowed to fight or be fought for

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There are many reasons that someone is kept from fighting Crown or being fought for. 
Sometimes people fight for crown to correct a wrong they felt some other Crown did. If the King and Queen do not feel comfortable about seeing that person back on the Throne. It is then more honorable to inform the person or persons ahead of time that The Crown would not be pleased with them fighting. 
This is so much better than allowing the person to fight and have to go through 4 Dukes. That was one of the two  original reason for "The Duke Cause" . First  to make sure that quality fighting took the day  and to give the Kings and Queens  a safety release. 
There are also concerns that individuals are not really up to holding the Throne. Some of our old Warhorses just keep entering and winning when they need to rest and learn how to enjoy the Kingdom as Individuals. After a while some of our once and every Kings don't know what to do with themselves when they are not Crowns. In that case their friends might suggest to the Crown to suggest they sit this one out.
Sometimes a person is up for a peerage but the Circle, they would be in, needs to deal with them not as Crown. They then ask the Crown to postpone the person fighting or being fought for so they can work their problems out one to one. 
Sometimes for personal  reasons the Crowns just don't want to put the fate of the people of Ansteorra to be in someones hands. It is the Crowns Duty to make sure that Ansteorra is passed to people they can trust.  Most of the "old crowns" will tell the "new Crowns" that is alright to do that, but we ask them to do it ahead of time and is courteous manner. It is never right to embarrass people.
Whatever the reason it is the Crowns choice and they are not obliged and are advised not to give any reasons.  And we the Non Crowns should not ask.
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