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In regards to Queen fuffybunny it is a shame because most of the time these ladies do most of the work and get no respect. 
As I have said it was a combinations of women requiring credit for work and making themselves unlike for it. I know because I was one of them and gentlemen like Sir Randal and Sir Sean and Sir Koris and Master Lloyd and Master Torgati and many other who stood up to the Aten Kings and informed them that the ladies in Ansteorra would be treated as equals. 
The first time I noticed the whole thing was when there was a march to meet the Aten ruler at the time. Other than the knights and I was the only non male peer.In Ansteorra at that time we followed the Corpora and the concept that all the peerages were equal so I got in line. The king or regent ? herald made it clear that only Chivalry would be allowed to March. I stepped out of line. Sir Koris,who was in front of me and Sir Randal who was behind me some place picked me up an threw me into the line and stared down the herald. The King gave me some really strange look.
Latter when the king was having high level political meeting the same pair grabbed me up and threw me into the meeting. When I say threw I really me threw. I could  tell time after time our gentlemen have stood up for their ladies and ladies and declared they had rights. 
Of course, with rights come responsibilities. Old Atenveldt didn't have requirements for their Consorts. There was a lot of problems outside of the kingdom when we wrote requirement for consort equal to the Sovereign into the Laws. We didn't require the same fighter requirement but we did require that they had the same knowledge of the system. You know you are an equal when you had the same requirement. Over the life of the Kingdom there has been movements to stop the office and length of time requirements of the Consort. This has been done mostly by men who want to be able to pick up a Queen Fuffybunny but the movement has been stopped mostly by other men.
In period men loved other men but they behaved in public as gentlemen. They went to war together and followed all the  protocol to Ladies and no one thought much of it. In fact, King Richard's affairs were no look down because he was other men but because he made it all so public. The question was why didn't he take his penance in private. His choice to march around with a saddle on his head was embarrassing. If we had two gentlemen on the throne it would be the same as King Harold and King Magus of Norway. It wouldn't matter. The same with two ladies. 
Ansteorra has handled transsexuals before and just as we believe that blond blue eyed people are Japanese we take the statement someone is another sex as a matter of courtesy. We do better if the clothing and behavior is believable . If our queen was a gracious and charming Lady I don't think it would matter at all.
I believe any person fighting for the crown of Ansteorra would behave in a proper way. I also believe let us  worry about this when it happens.Duchess Willow de Wisp
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