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Ansteorra has handled transsexuals before and just as we believe  that 
blond blue eyed people are Japanese we take the statement someone is  another 
sex as a matter of courtesy. We do better if the clothing and behavior  is 
believable . If our queen was a gracious and charming Lady I don't think it  
would matter at all.

I read people upset over bringing a 'mundane' issue into their Dream, while 
 others are pointing out that it is their Dream, specifically their desire 
to  honor their Love the way others (straights) can theirs, that IS being  
The only mundane thing I've seen being referred to is the M/F on  their 
mundane ID cards.
Our personae need have nothing to do with our genetics or our current  
Ask yourself if you would accept a person who played a male persona  
convincingly and well, fighting for a person who played a female persona  
convincingly and well, regardless of what lay under their clothes.
If the answer is no, then YOU are either bringing in the mundane world, in  
the form of those IDs, or advocating an intrusive physical exam for each 
couple,  which would certainly spoil the Dream for many.
If the answer is yes, then I ask why pretending to be something other than  
what they in fact are would make it acceptable to you. Is the illusion 
really  that important?
And either way, ask yourself how sure you are that you haven't already done 
 so. Because, odds are, you have. Or people in another kingdom have.
And that leaves aside the issue of whether you want to sort by genetics, or 
 by plumbing-at-birth, or by current plumbing, or by self-identification. 
Because  every one of those sorts people differently than the others. People 
-- real,  normal, useful, worthwhile people -- that would get an M under one 
set of rules  would get an F under another. That's a fact of the world we 
live in. BOTH worlds  we live in.

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