[Ansteorra] Combat at Outlands Battlemoor III !!

BennetBev at aol.com BennetBev at aol.com
Wed Jul 25 07:24:10 PDT 2012

The  forests and fields will ring with the din of battle during the melees! 
The  “feud” between the Baronies of al-Barran and Caerthe will finally be 
settled by  both heavy weapons and rapier fighters! Visit 
_www.Battlemoor.org_ (http://www.battlemoor.org/)   for all the melee details and prepare for 
combat under the expanded Battlemoor  gate! 
A  multitude of tournaments, both heavy & rapier, are scheduled throughout 
the  week. These tournaments are sure to be great fun for both combatants 
and  spectators! Heavy weapons: Single Sword, Unbelted, “Sword & Shield of  
Battlemoor”, Torchlight and Newcomers tournaments. Rapier: Consort Tourney,  
Swiss Five, Tournament of Guards and the Ladies of the Rose Tournament. See 
our  web site for specific tournament details.  
Pre-registration  closes in 2 Weeks! Only 3 weeks to arrange for RV 
Services. See the web site for  details on these two important closing dates. 
Camp  Allotment FAQ is on the web site. Requests & questions should be  
addressed to Baron Andros Korkyrates _battlemoor.camping at outlands.org_ 
(mailto:battlemoor.camping at outlands.org)    
_www.Battlemoor.org_ (http://www.battlemoor.org/)   
Looking  forward to seeing you there! 
*Please  forward as appropriate

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