[Ansteorra] Question for Fiber Artists

Deanna della Penna estencele at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 19:08:04 PDT 2012

Hello! Question for the fiber artisans out there.
For those of you who have raised fiber animals, and are interested in
turning it into thread to be woven into fabric, do you have any
resources to recommend?
The mills and mini-mills I'm finding seem to all turn things into yarn
for the knitting and crochet market. I'm looking into a much finer
finished product.
I know there are weavers like Thistle Hill, who will weave custom
cloth for you, but it's that middle step-- post-shearing,
pre-weaving-- that I'm not sure where to direct my fiber to to ensure
that it is coned up as thin and fine as I have in mind.
Any recommendations?

All the best,
(lending a hand with two seasons' worth of alpaca... sooooft!) :o)

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