[Ansteorra] How to get in 10 tourneys in one day? Wiesenfeuer Baronial! April 13-15th!!! Be there or...don't...be there

Kajira Camber torinsmail at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 26 07:26:11 PDT 2012

Greeting from Wiesenfeuer (Oklahoma City)!
I wanted to let you know that our website for our annual Wiesenfeuer Baronial is up, as well as the Facebook group.  
Keys of this event:
Website: wiesenfeuer.ansteorra.org/baronial.html
April 13-15th @ Camp Cimarron (east of Guthrie/south of Stillwater/north of OKC/west of New York City...)
Baronial Champions selected for: (21st annual) Chivalric, (21st annual) Rapier, (21st annual) Archery, (13th annual) KAS, (15th annual) Middle Eastern Dancing and (18th annual) Middle Eastern Drumming!
A LOT of fighting planned (10 tourneys total!)-starting at 10am, will rotate between chivalric and rapier bear pit micro tourneys every 30 minutes for a total of 8 micro tourneys, 3 chivalric grand melees, and 1 rapier Baronial champion tourney and 1 chivalric torchlight Baronial champion tourney!  Fight in as little or as much as you want, there will be a 10 min break between each bear pit to allow for those that cross fight to change armor...and there will be a naming of 'The Iron Weasel', please see the website for more details!
Due to the amount of fighting, we will hold court at 4 pm (approximately) and will not have a 'feast'.  Instead, we will be handing out free 'festival finger food' to those that are participating/watching the Chivalric torchlight tourney.  This may fill the average person up, but is not meant to be 'stuff you to the gills'.  We felt it would be more entertaining to eat by honorable fighting as opposed to a noisy hall!  You will need to supply your own beverage.  There is no charge, but donations are appreciated.  Donations will go to the 'Champion Gift Basket Awesomeness Fund'!
Tavern is planned for Saturday breakfast & lunch
We will continue our format in which we will SELECT our Baronial champions.  With this in mind, please know that you are able to compete in the Baronial championships and win the fighting/competition, but not be required to bear the title of our Champion.  If you are wishing to compete, but don't feel that you are able to uphold the requirements of a champion, just inform us before the fight/competition so we know not to select you.  We will determine champions in all arenas based on having the skills in the field that they will be representing as well as having the attributes that we expect for our Champion (pride, honor, able to shake a tail feather...)
Hope to see you there!

Kajira Camber
  (Khayra bint Tahir ibn Rashid)
Baroness Wiesenfeuer
Acting Webminister Wiesenfeuer
m.k.a. Kory Lewis
a.k.a. Rabbit's Wife 		 	   		  

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