[Ansteorra] Nov 10th Boyscout demo

Elizabethe Closet elizabethescloset at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 4 23:06:18 PDT 2012

Bump! We only have 1 volunteer for display at this Demo.
Remember we cannot do this without your help. So as for incentive the populace
at this event will be judging MOAS displays and the prize basket is HUGE! It
includes feast gear, embroidery thread (the nice stuff!) A Inkle loom and
brewing things. I can't give all the details away what fun is that! Come and
compete and show us how amazing your art is! We would love to have you. There are still 15 spots available for display left. Please come see me. Below are the finer details for the event. 
November 10th is the Elfsea Boy Scouts Demo at the Texas
Motor Speedway, at which will be show casing what the SCA is all about. I am
asking for volunteers to help with this massive undertaking - the Boy Scouts
are expecting eight thousand people in attendance! It’s a great opportunity to
bring new people into the SCA and get people interested in our very special
Volunteers: Ren Fridenberg (Katrine la Escolpiera) and I are
in charge of the Arts and Sciences display and we would like as many static
displays as possible. Each display will get two feet, three displays per table.
We want each display to have a table cloth (provided by the artisan if
possible). We also will need all the artists to be with their display during
the two A&S time slots (11:00 am-12:00 noon and 3:00-4:00 pm). We would
also ask that volunteers give a 15 minute class on their work during those times. 
We have a minimum of six tables (18 slots) allotted for
artisans and we'd like to fill all of them them. If we get more volunteers,
even better - we can get more tables.  
Meals: There is also a meal plan available for all
volunteers: only $20/person for the entire weekend! It covers dinner Friday,
three meals Saturday, and breakfast Sunday. If you are only present on
Saturday, it is still $20. Money is due by Elfsea's October Moot (October
22nd). If you are not able to attend but still want to be a part of the meal
plan, please make arrangements with someone who will be there. 
Camping: All volunteers need to let us know if they intend
to camp. Wristbands will be provided for campers which exempt them from gate
fees, only they have volunteered in advance. Please contact Daralynn
Bailey-Brittain (Elspeth de Stervlen) with your tent's dimensions.  
More event details: There will be Chivalric, Rapier,
Archery, and Thrown Weapons demos. It is a big event and we will not be the
only ones in attendance. When you are not on duty, you are welcome to wander
and experience everything that is on offer.  
Please help us put our best foot forward and showcase the
SCA in the best possible light. We cannot do it without YOUR help. 
If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the
the appropriate coordinator: 
 Artisans: Lady Elizabethe De Salisbiry
(elizabethescloset at Yahoo.com) 
 Tent Information and General Volunteering: Lady Elspeth de
Stervlen (elspeth013 at hotmail.com) 
Heraldic: Herr Andreas von Meißen (scamiz at gmail.com) 
Chivalric Combat: Lord Edwin De Brus
(jdhogtexas at earthlink.net) 
Rapier Combat: Lord Niall the Silent (rick.dalby at gmail.com) 
Thrown Weapons and Archery: Don Sebastian Eton Frobishire
(sebastianf at sbcglobal.net) 
In service, 
Lady Elizabethe De Salisbiry 
Elfsea Minister of Arts and Sciences 

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