[Ansteorra] Wiesenfeuer Baronial Thank You...wow...this list got REALLY long!

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Sun Oct 7 18:06:46 PDT 2012

(My apologies, I got on my computer and found this still on the screen and not been sent from last week...)

We are so proud of our Barony and the awesomeness that was Wiesenfeuer Baronial this last weekend.  We had so many positive comments from so many visitors to our lands:  the mass amount of fighting, the quick list mistresses, the archery targets, the festival finger food instead of feast (by Tigernach), the tavern (held by House Wolfstar),  the nighttime festivities, the layout of the competitions…everything was complimented on at least once!  

People typically get nervous and reserved when picking out directed thank you’s, but we feel that there were so many people that generously gave their time and energy, that those people must be acknowledged.  We apologize if anyone was missed on this list, as you can see, it takes a lot of people.  If you saw someone going out of their way to make the event what it was (for one person or for everyone), please post their actions.  

If you ever think that there isn’t anything that you can help with, check out this list!  Surely there is something on here that you could help with in the future.  Without our volunteers, our society would not survive!

**Valia of the Mists and (Dee) Deirdre ni’Raighailligh, our Ladies in Waiting.  A special thank you from our hearts for keeping us, at least a little bit, sane and in line for the whole event

**Many thanks to the Alphas and members of House Wolfstar for allowing up the use of the site reservation that weekend to hold our rescheduled event that was delayed due to storms…otherwise it would’ve been in July or January

**Aubrey Ericstochter and Aethelstan Aethelmearson, for getting the event layout started as our original autocrats

**Charles the Grey (Mooneschadowe) for filling in as autocrat when life threw a curve ball

**Tigernach Mitchem and crew for arranging and cooking the festival finger food (twice!)

**Aderyn Gunnarsdottir and the Ladies of the Vine for originally doing everything for the tavern.  (And for graciously allowing Wolfstar to do at the rescheduled date in order to use as a fundraiser).

**Aldric de Kerr for getting gate and the many volunteers set up

**Lucais du Belier, Caylie and Ellen for making sure the ice cream social happened (special thanks to Lucais for getting the extra bundles of TP to site J.  Many buns thank you)

**Kylie Terricsdottir-For handling cabin reservations (twice!)

**Caterina de Gilead-for arranging and setting up the waterbearing

**Asoph Hearts-for being our marshal in charge and taking care of needs for our chivalric activities

**Jacq Ball-for covering and taking care of marshal needs for our rapier activities

**Ian Camber-for bringing out and taking back the list field

**Finnacan Dub and Cadhla Ua Cellachan-For bringing out a truck-full of stuff, helping set up…just to drive back on Sunday to do reverse

**Castellana Donea for taking care of heralding needs

**Adalia VonderBerg & Meahdbe inghean Rois-For arranging and taking care of list mistress needs

**FireStorm Ink Scribal Guild-For designing and making some awesome and super sexy award scrolls, those were…wow!

**Isaac Bane & Nicolea mac Flonndlaigh for doing onsite calligraphy for placing names on the award scrolls

**Rafe Slater for bringing out the coleman lanterns to help light up our night

**Simon for taking over an extra gate shift when someone unexpectedly didn’t show up for their shift

**Shanna Camber for setting up the ‘Newcomers’ encampment, even though she was no longer hospitaler

**Liadin of Patrin-Or for keeping an eye on the children and making sure they were tired by the end of the day with the MoC activities

**D’Alder Camber-For clearing the field and fixing some site issues that were above his requirement of role for camp fire

**Cadhla Ua Cellachan for the idea and taking around the donation pitcher for our baronial champion awesomeness fund

**‘Southern Roland ‘ Rathbourne for helping us setup on Friday and going and grabbing more to come help when he realized just how much more we had to do

**Lucy (Etienne’s daughter)-For helping people ‘taste the rainbow’

**And last, but definitely not least, these people who we were told helped tear down our pavilions and list and had all set up for us to pack by the time we made it there:  Orlando Giovanni di Gilead, Marcus, Margherita, Vincenti, Juilianna, Kersten Merilainen, Cornelious, Shirline

We are sure in all of this, someone has probably been unintentionally left off.  If that is you, then our deepest apologies and sincerest thanks for your help at our event.  We hope to see you at many more events!

Cassius-Baron of Wiesenfeuer

Kajira-Baroness of Wiesenfeuer

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