[Ansteorra] Boy Scout demo, November 2012

Daralynn Brittain elspeth013 at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 18 14:32:49 PDT 2012

Greetings Everyone!

I have gotten many emails for tent sizes.  I am
 sure there are more out there.  Don Sebastian, and I, are going to be 
drawing out the camping arrangements, and just need to be sure we have 
everyone included.  If you have not sent me tent sizes, please do so as 
soon as possible.

There are many volunteer spots open!!  We will 
need artisans, to display and to teach quick, simple classes; volunteers
 for the thrown weapons and archery areas, walking security, Hospitalers
 at large, rapier and heavy weapons fighters, Centurions to guard the 
Armory (and to fight!!), waterbearing help, set up and tear down (we 
will be setting up around 11AM on friday), Shed loading the
 Thursday before demo, etc...... 

If you are going to daytrip, we
 still need to know.  We will need to know EVERYONE in your house, 
household, carpool, etc .  Everyone will need a wrist band to avoid 
being charged.  These will be handed out at October moot.  It is 
advisable to be at that moot to pick these up, as we will be very busy 
that Saturday.  If you, or a representative, cannot pick these up at 
that time, please let us know for special arrangements.)

Catrina has graciously offered to cook for us all!!!  The meal plan with
 be great, and only 20.00, per person, for the weekend!!  (chamberlain at elfsea.ansteorra.org)

 also know that there will be mini tournaments for fighting, and 
archery....prize basket for the A&S, and much more happening that 
 Look for more information, and a website, soon. This is much more than a
 demo, it is a mini event!!!

Please see where you can help, and notify the appropriate coordinators:
Heavy - Edwin de Brus   marshal at elfsea.ansteorra.org
Rapier - Niall the Silent  rapier at elfsea.ansteorra.org
Arts and Sciences - Elizabeth de Salesbury   moas at elfsea.ansteorra.org
Herald  Andreas    herald at elfsea.ansteorra.org
 Combat   Germanicus de Atlan   ldgermanicus at hotmail.com

who have I forgotten????

for thrown weapons, archery, general volunteering - please contact Don Sebastian hospitaler at elfsea.ansteorra.org, or myself, seneschal at elfsea.ansteorra.org for more information and to volunteer.

It will take many hands to make this one of the best Demos, ever... and we know if anyone can do it, Elfsea can!

We look forward to seeing everyone there!

In Service,

Don Sebastian
 and HL Elspeth

PS Janie, (and someone from Steppes  :)    ), please forward this to Your group lists...  thank you!!!!

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