[Ansteorra] returning help to one who helps all

Svan Coldbrowskaldsson ldsvan at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 13:40:43 PDT 2012

My Lords and Ladys, i give out a call to kingdom and namron . Ace
needs help. this man has helped many of us when we have been broke
down, towed and or fixed our vehicles . gave lodging to those in need,
aided at events when he would rather have been bashing helms on the
field. For years has he done this and not asked for anything. now he's
about to lose his house  and his phone (an item that keeps his
employment going). I care not to hear that for what ever reason you
dislike the man. He helps even his enemys. I Honorable Lord Svan
Coldbrowskaldsson do raise cry of aid for an ANSTEORRAN who is worthy
of aid and in need. Call me at 682-560-0418 for info on how to help.
Prove we are still a GRAND kingdom as i have had my doubts recently
and have thought of packing it in after beltaine when i return the
Namron Bardic cloak. i await any responce. H.L. Svan Coldbrowskaldsson

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