[Ansteorra] News from Old Friends

Snorri Hallsson snorri.hallsson at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 16:01:26 PDT 2012

To the Stellar Kingdom of Ansteorra come greetings from the cold north from
HL Snorri Hallsson and Lady Gróa Ulfsdottir:

Some may know of us. Many do not. Long has it been since we lived in

Long have we been away from the lands of the Sable Star.

Long have we watched from afar the glories of our countryfolk, and cheered
with vigor, though while we made our lodgings in another kingdom, our
hearts have ever belonged to the Lion Throne.

Long have our hearts been heavy with the weight of absent friends.

Long have we yearned for the hospitality, the warmth, and the spirit of
Ansteorra, those things which made it our home.

Long have we wished to return.

Good my lords and ladies, I bid you these glad tidings.

Our long wait … is over.

We are coming home.

Now for the mundane stuff, in a nutshell, which is nowhere near as flowery
or as pleasant.

We moved from Houston to Chicago in 2005, under the promise of a fresh new
start. That fresh new start never materialized, and we left an entire
kingdom full of friends for seven years of an absolute nightmare of social
isolation and extreme financial hardship. This has culminated in the two of
us being unemployed for several months, our savings long ago having dried
up, and our leasing agency informing us that the lease ending November 30
will not be renewed. In the seven-plus years that we've been here, we've
made very few friends and acquaintances compared to the number we have in
Ansteorra. Our support network here is unable to help us, as are both sides
of our family. We literally had nowhere else to go, until some friends in
Austin agreed to help us out with a spare room until we could get on our

The trick, however, is getting down there.

As much as it embarrasses us to have to ask for help, we're pretty much
left with no choice at this point. We've set up a ChipIn at
http://wyldnytes.chipin.com/moving-back-home for anyone that wishes to
donate. I'll leave all the details there, but if you can help, it would
mean the world to us.

I'm so, so sorry that our lives have come to this point, and especially
that so many of you are going to have this as your first impression of us
as we return to Ansteorra. I only hope that we can make it up to you
somehow in the future.

As always, in service to Ansteorra,

Snorri and Gróa

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