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On Thursday , October !9, at 12:30 pm Rox suddenly departed this realm...
She was sitting eating a favorite pastry with a soda and laughing with her 
current and now saddly widowed husband Brian, here 1 second and the next, 
Lady Roxanne was My and Lady AElfarren Rockkellys birth Sister, and previously 
wed to Lord Halfdan Thorgierson and then later HL Owen Stott, all of us dotting 
the tapestry of history o f Namron, :-)
She carried arms but I find it hard to blazon at the moment, and held a Thistle 
in Cooking and Namron Torsad, and was known for her fabulous secret recipe 
Please lift a Cup And A Prayer to Her Memory. And Prayers and Good Energy To t
Those She has left here Behind!

With Love!
Her Big SiS 'Stacia

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