[Ansteorra] Regarding Fund Raising

Webminister, Ansteorra kingdom at webminister.ansteorra.org
Sun Oct 21 15:00:33 PDT 2012

Good gentles,


I have seen, in the last few days, several requests come across the list regarding fund raising for individuals.
Although the SCA is a family, it is also a not-for-profit corporation.  The litmus test for any fund raising operation
or request across our official list has to be the single question of who benefits from such a request.  If you ask
yourself that question, and the answer is a name or names, rather than the Kingdom at large, then the activity must not
be promoted here on the Ansteorran list.  Understand that this is not done out of unkindness or an unwillingness to help
those in need but as a matter of mundane law and protection of our not-for-profit status.  If you have any question or
doubt regarding such a request then please forward it to myself, the Kingdom Seneschal, or Their Royal Majesties and we
will discuss the matter with appropriate counsel and let you know if it can be posted or not.  I thank you for your
time, cooperation, and understanding in these matters.


William Cameron deBlakstan

Webminister, Ansteorra



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