[Ansteorra] HL Stefan li Rous of Bryn Gwlad

Alice Morrow Harris alicemorrowharris at austin.rr.com
Mon Oct 22 00:10:31 PDT 2012

Greetings From Alina Unto Ansteorra:

HL Stefan will be out of commission for awhile so if he doesn't answer your email or put out any emails, it's because he's in the hospital. 

I don't know if folks know that HL Stefan li Rous of Bryn Gwlad has lost the use of his kidney. He now goes three times a week to a center near our house to get connected to a machine that does what the kidneys can no longer do. Well this past Saturday while he was doing the machine he started running a temperature very high and his blood pressure was also high. The center called EMS and Stefan was immediately taken to the emergency room. They couldn't figure out what wrong with. He was checked into a hospital room. The next day Sunday, they told him he has an infection in his blood stream and also his body connection for the three days a week machine is also infected. Tomorrow (Monday) they are going to clean the connection while also trying to clear up the blood stream infection. He'll probably be in the hospital all this week and maybe longer. He is now at North Austin Medical Hospital in Austin,TX located on North MoPac at Duval and Parmer Lane. He is Room#118. His hospital room phone number is 1-512-901-5118. His mundane name is Mark Harris.  If folks could call him on the hospital phone. I think he gets his email on his IPhone as I do on my IPhone, so send him a email it would really cheer him up.

It hasn't been a very good three months for the both of us. I myself was in a car crash in August and I'm slowly recovering myself.

Always In Service,

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